Never Stop Learning, Even After Graduation

A MAJOR perk of working for LIT is that I get to take 1 course per semester for free – either at LIT OR at my alma mater, Lamar University!  So this semester, I’ll be semi-auditing one or two graphic design courses with the new graphic design professor, Crispin Prebys (to see info about him, go to page 3 of .pdf document).   I’ve seen some of his work, and from what I have seen, I am truly looking forward to learning from him and sitting in on his classes.

It’s going to be weird going back to Lamar now that there’s a brand new computer lab, and the majority of familiar faces I grew to know and love during my 2 years in the art department won’t be there.  It might seem strange for me to decide to audit Graphic Design I considering that I am a “professional” now, but there’s so much that I feel like I didn’t learn the first time around.   Looking back at who I was and how little I knew about ANYTHING back when I took Visual Design I 5 or 6 semesters ago, I couldn’t grasp anything enough to really “get it” yet.   I guess you could say I was a bit of a late bloomer because things didn’t really click for me as a design/art major until almost my last semester, and I still don’t feel like I am proficient enough in my field despite any compliments I may get.  This is why I want to go back and reevaluate the basics so that I can strengthen my design skills, my portfolio and my confidence as a designer.  Also, since I am already working as a graphic designer, Crispin has asked me to add extra input on critiques for his students.  I just hope I can provide some useful input and be more of a help than a hindrance.

There’s another graphic design course at the university that I might participate in every once in a while this semester (Special Projects in Graphic Design).  This course will bring me back to my days with good ol’ AdFed (Lamar Advertising Federation).  One of my most influential mentors, Dr. Yearwood, was finally able to do it — he merged the Communication Department & the Graphic Design Department together to work on the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) Campaign with this course!

With Dr. Yearwood at the 2009 ADDY Awards

What a perfect present for his retirement!   I just found out this news last week.  It’s sad that Lamar will be losing such a great asset to the Comm Dept. such as Dr. Yearwood, but I know that he is SO ready to just RELAX, and I know he truly deserves that.   Nick and I definitely share the deepest amount of gratitude for Dr. Yearwood, who as reference, was a MAJOR influence on helping us acquire the jobs we have today.  There are countless other things I could thank Dr. Yearwood for helping me realize about myself over the years, and I know that many of my best friends from college could definitely say the same.   The news of his retirement is very bittersweet indeed.

I think this opportunity to “go back to school” gives me the chance to learn what I didn’t get to cover or completely understand the first time around.  I mean, who would pass up this chance to take ONLY the courses you WANT to take for FREE?  This will also be a good experimental semester to see if I can handle working full time and taking a class at the same time (perhaps training for getting my Masters?)

Classes start tomorrow!  I plan to blog about what I learn, so if you’re a design nerd like me, stay tuned!  🙂

Thanks, 2010! (Aug – Dec Part 2)

OK, I need to finish this post so that thanking last year is still relevant.   =P


With my new job at LIT awaiting my arrival, I decided to take some much needed time off before I started.  So for my mom’s 60th and my aunt’s 69th birthday, we (my cousins Celina, Melissa and I) decided we wanted to go on a trip to Orlando with them to celebrate!  So we all (plus my Godson Matthew) got to go to Disney World for a week!  It was GLORIOUS, especially since I hadn’t been there in 11 years.

First, my cousins and I went to Universal Studios.  Most of the attractions in this park were a bit too mature/scary for Matthew, so my mom and Auntie Sionie were gracious enough to watch him while they went hotel hopping & outlet shopping when Cici, Moosie & I went to the theme park.  I got to nerd it up and visit Jurassic Park (one of Nick and my absolute FAVORITE movies).  There were also other fantastic attractions that we visited such as Seuss Landing, but the main attraction for us was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  If you EVER get the chance to visit, and you’re as big of a Harry Potter nerd as me, I HIGHLY recommend it!  But FYI, I’d try to go during the off-season because it was RIDICULOUSLY crowded when we went, almost to the point of claustrophobic crowded.  I’ve never had to stand in line to go into a STORE at a theme park till we went to this one.


The Carousel at Seuss Landing
The cousins in Hogsmeade
Enjoying a Butterbeer in Hogsmeade
Amazing Hogwarts replica. FUN ride too!

Needless to say, we had a BLAST at Universal Studios.  It’s been a while since any of us have visited there, so it was a nice change of pace and characters.  (Not that we love Disney any less).  If you’d like to see more photos of our time at Universal Studios, visit this link:  Universal Studios 2010

I’ve been extremely blessed and fortunate enough to have the privilege to visit the Disney World theme parks multiple times in my life.  This trip marked the 8th time I’ve visited Disney World with my family.  We visited Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney during our time in Orlando.

Carouseling in Magic Kingdom (sorry it’s blurry)

It was also so great to experience the park with my Godson, Matthew.  It was so cute to see him enjoy the park and give a hug to Mickey and Minnie.  He’s a HUGE fan of the carousel.  Luckily, the lines weren’t too long for it, so he got to enjoy the carousel about 4 or 5 times!

M, M, M & M (Melissa, Mickey, Matthew & Minnie!)

I don’t know who was more excited to have a pic with Mickey & Minnie…Melissa or Matthew?  haha  Great mother/son moment.

Thanks to a friend of mine from college (Bonnie!), we got some free passes for another day in the parks!  She works for the Walt Disney World resorts, so she was able to get us some free park hoppers.  Let’s just say I’m forever grateful to her for giving my cousins and me another fun-filled at Disney World for free.  We were hoping to meet up with her again in the evening at Magic Kingdom, but she was too exhausted from work & school (she’s currently seeking her Masters Degree) and the weather was very rainy, so I don’t blame her for wanting and needing to rest.  I can’t thank her enough for being so kind to my family and me.  🙂

Nick WILL work for PIXAR one day!

First, we hit up MGM Studios Hollywood Studios (it’s so weird calling it that) to meet Bonnie for her to give us our park hopper passes.  Sadly, we didn’t take a photo together because I think she was either on her way from or to the gym so she wasn’t in “picture taking” mode.  😉  I wouldn’t want to take pics so dressed down either.  We didn’t stay at Hollywood Studios long since we had reservations at Tony’s in Magic Kingdom  at noon.  (The Tony’s that’s in the Disney Animated Film, “Lady and the Tramp.”  — it’s a tradition for us to go there).  To see more photos from our park hopping day, go here:  Park Hoppin’ Tuesday

Of COURSE, the most important reason we went on this trip was to celebrate my mom ‘s 60th and my aunt’s 69th birthdays!  Celina, Melissa and I treated them to a great character breakfast at Disney’s Polynesian Resort at Ohana.  SO tasty…

Character Birthday Breakfast for our moms
Hard to believe they’re 60 & 69, right?

So when we weren’t theme parking, we were shopping…or eating.  Typical wonderful vacation stuff.  What a summer!!


This was the month that things got to settle down for a while, thankfully.  I was enjoying my new job (still am!), and the month was relatively uneventful.  The highlight of September for me was Nick’s Aunt Chrissy’s birthday.  🙂

With love from the Aunt Chrissy Fan Club!


Aunt Chrissy w/ her Cookie Cake!


Two words:  Rice Festival.

I got to reunite with several of my favorite high school friends and gorge myself on delicious food!  It’s always so great to see these lovely ladies when I can.  I’m so proud of all that we have accomplished since high school, and I am thankful that I had friends like these to help me become the person I am today.

L to R: Teacher Karen, Teacher-to-be Nicole, Dr. Ali, Graphic Designer me, teacher Alisa & Teacher Amy!

I hope more of our high school sweethearts can meet up with us this year! I know it’ll be here before we know it.  Just one more year till our 10 year reunion!?  Good grief!!!

The lovely Michelle joined us a bit later too!


Of course, Thanksgiving.  We had a lot to be thankful for this year for sure.  One of the biggest things was the rededication of our hurricane battered church.  Finally, after a little over 2 years, our church was open for business again.  Hurricane Ike pummeled through our little church on September 2008, and we had to have mass in our parish hall during the time that our church was being fixed…


(water damage EVERYWHERE.  All of those pews had to be destroyed due to mold and warping)

BEFORE: Catie showing how high the water got in the church

BEFORE: Extreme roof damage

AFTER: Days before rededication mass

We got all new pews, new beautiful architectural elements (arches, tiles, etc.)…pretty much new everything.

AFTER: View from the Narthex

I wish I had photos of what the church looks like now.  It’s gorgeous.  I should take some soon…

And of course, there was the Thanksgiving Day feast…

A toast!

This is also the month, after much debating and definite permission from my boss, that I finally decided to get purple in my hair.  I figured this was a fun side note.  😉

This might be my new trademark


Every year it’s the PABT (Philippine Association of Beaumont, Texas) Christmas party, countless other Christmas parties, lots of practice for Christmas mass(es) and time with family!  Overall, 2010 was a pretty fantastic and giving year.  Of course, no year is ever PERFECT, but I’m thankful to say that 2010 was much more giving to me than the past few years for sure.  And for that, I am beyond grateful.

Angelyn, Celina & me at the PABT Christmas party

Nick & me at the Jason's Deli Christmas party

With Michelle & Amy at the Whitlow's Christmas party

Seemingly endless arts & crafts…….

Envelopes for the photos I took of my family

Christmas day with my parents

2nd Annual Old School PABT kids Christmas Cookie Bake

Thanks, 2010! (January – July Part 1)

A blessed, prosperous and peaceful New Year to all!

Another year is behind us, and life is still going.  2010 was a pretty great year for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful or relieved for that.  I can’t say that I’ve made any resolutions this new year because I never seem to keep up with them for more than a week or two.  Instead, I’ve decided to gradually progress into improving parts of my life that I’d like to enhance or change at my own pace so that I don’t set myself up for disappointment and self-loathing like I have in the past.  I’m another year older, another year wiser and a bit more patient when it comes to myself and the things I’d like to accomplish.

But before I delve further into my plans for 2011, I’d like to look back at 2010 and all the lovely things it brought to me…


I became (more) obsessed with all things Conan O’Brien (aka Coco) due to the infamous Tonight Show late night war between him and the Chin (Jay LeNO).  I became one of those fan art geeks…

I Designed an "I'm with Coco" decal. Sold a few too!

Yay for my mad Photoshop Skillz


I turned 26 this year (February 6), and I got to see one of my favorite musicals, Miss Saigon, with many of my favorite people.  Many thanks to my cousin Celina for planning this wonderful get together in Houston!

After the show

Celina, me, and Melissa after the show



This was a BUSY month since I played the role as one of my best friend’s maids of honor. We went on a fantastic voyage to Galveston with some wonderful ladies to celebrate Krystal’s last hurrah as a single woman!  I got to become better friends with these girls at this fun-filled weekend getaway at the gorgeous historic home of the the lovely Lacy B. (the other Maid of Honor)’s family.  ‘Twas fun times!

Shoppin' on the Strand

I don’t want to forget to mention the bridal showers for Krystal as well!  I can’t believe this was almost a year ago already!  We were all so stressed out, and it’s all just a memory now!

Beaumont Bridal Shower

Winnie Bridal Shower


Krystal and her now husband, Ross, tied the not on April 10, 2010.  These were truly some of the best memories I’ve had in my life!

Rehearsal Dinner/Crawfish & Shrimp Boil in Winnie

April 10, 2010

(Their photographer, Allen Ayers of Bellafotographica, did a GREAT job.  He’s a super nice guy and I highly recommend him!)



May was pretty freaking awesome too!  My friend Christi had an AWESOME wedding at the Museum of Natural Science in Houston on the 1st.  The ceremony was in the butterfly dome, cocktail hour was in the gemology hall, and the reception was with the DINOSAURS!!  Such a UNIQUE venue for a truly UNIQUE couple!!

Travis + Robyn, Nick + Me, Eric + Christi & Brad - Cocktail Hour with the Gems

Christi & me during cocktail hour

Nick & Me at the reception with the Triceratops Skull!

Later in May, I got to go to Austin to see THE Conan Christopher O’Brien LIVE and in person on his Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour!!!  His show was at the Austin Music Hall on May 14, 2010.  I got to touch his arm!!  I SO would’ve gotten his autograph too if some stupid lady hadn’t jumped in front of me and asked him to sign her chest.  🙁  He decided to stop signing after that.

I Was THIS close!!

Sadly, on the way home from that fun-filled trip to Austin to see Coco, my good ol’ 2001 Camry broke down….


So in JUNE, I got this….

2010 Nissan Cube

And just 2 weeks later, Nick, his dad and I flew off to New York for his nephew’s wedding!  We got to celebrate Nick’s 24th birthday (on June 24th) in Manhattan as well!  It was SO wonderful to get to meet more of Nick’s family.  They’re all such hospitable and friendly people, and I TRULY enjoyed my time staying with them for a short, but eventful week.

We got to see Nick’s Aunt Sara, cousin Michael and Uncle Alan in New Jersey…

Uncle Alan & Aunt Sara - Oops!! HAHA

I got to meet Michael’s lady friend, Tina!

For Nick’s 25th birthday, his nephew Matt brought us ALL around Manhattan to see whatever Nick wanted!  We toured the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), we had lunch at one of the Ray’s Pizzas in Times Square, where we also shopped briefly, and then we took the subway to the Museum of Natural History.  Let’s just say that I was EXHAUSTED by the end of that day, but the aching feet were SO worth it to see Nick have a great birthday.  Note to self:  next time, wear more comfortable shoes…

Bagels on the Staten Island Ferry w/ Nick & his nephew, & our tour guide extraordinaire, Matt (left)

Nick's 25th at the MOMA with Pollock

Nick's 25th in Times Square

The Russo-Vikos Family @ Robert & Christina's wedding

Standing are Nick’s nephew, Robert and his new “niece-in-law” Christina with Nick’s half-brother George, Jr. and other nephew Matt; seated are Nick’s dad, Mr. George and Nick’s sister-in-law, Cecilia

Nick with his dad & brothers

Nick, Mark, Mr. George (their dad) and George, Jr.

Nick & me at Addison Park in New Jersey

This is one of my favorite photos of us.  The reception was AMAZING — unlike ANYTHING either of us have ever seen!  We needed a break from the booming music at the reception, so we took a stroll outside by this beautiful fountain.  The DJ actually SANG, and there was a live percussionist who played along to the beat of the music too!  It was GREAT getting to go to an Italian wedding because they all sang along to the Italian songs during a delicious 4 course dinner.  The entire evening consisted of a LAVISH cocktail hour, an enormous 4 course dinner, and an incredible Venetian hour!  I’ll NEVER forget this wedding or my time spent in New York and New Jersey that month.  I hope to go back soon!

Obviously, I left out a TON of photos from that trip, so if you’d like to see more, go here:


This wonderful summer month was a bit of a whirlwind for me too.  I applied to work at the Lamar Institute of Technology as their new Graphics & Publications Specialist, and I GOT THE JOB!! Hello, full-blown benefits, awesome vacation schedule, groovy new boss, new office and the privilege to work almost strictly in beautiful page layout!  I didn’t start working until August 16th, but I found out I got the job in July.  🙂

July was also chocked full of weddings.  My dear friends Robyn & Travis got married on the 24th of July and my other dear friends, Nicole & Wes were wed on the 31st!

Robyn & Travis had a LOVELY vintage 1940's inspired wedding!

Travis & Robyn Lovett 7/24/10

Robyn & Travis had a WONDERFUL 1940’s vintage inspired wedding.  Robyn is a MAJOR history buff, and there were fantastic wedding photos of both of their relatives going back a few generations posted on the walls.  There were also great album covers and magazine covers from the 40’s on the reception tables too!  These 2 are some of the NICEST, funnest and most talented people you’ll ever meet.  I am angry at myself for not having more photos from their wedding.  =(

Wes & Nicole Renner 7/31/10

I have known Nicole since KINDERGARTEN.  A week after Robyn & Travis’s wedding, we got to see her and her new husband, Wes, get married at her mom’s lovely home in Winnie.  It was a heartfelt, humble and HOT outdoor ceremony (July in Southeast Texas = HOT) and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to share their special day.  I got to design their wedding invitations as a gift for them as well!  I’m so glad I have been able to stay friends with Nicole for so long!  I can actually say that I’ve been friends with her for over 20 years!!  Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be shouting that from the rooftops, but it’s still very impressive indeed.


Invitation Design I Created for Nicole & Wes


Amy, Nicole, Jud and me

Sooo Amy was one of Nicole’s bridesmaids, and SHE caught the bouquet!  Little did we know that SHE’D be getting engaged VERY SOON too!  Her (then boyfriend) Jimmy proposed to her not too long after Nicole & Wes’s wedding!  Nicole set them up…what a great matchmaker she is!

Alright, well I should REALLY get to sleep!  I got a bit carried away with the reminiscing tonight.  I shall finish this post tomorrow (I hope).  Goodnight for now!

August – December (Part 2) still to come…

Handmade and Loving it

I’ve started experimenting with all my new craft toys that I’ve collected over the past couple of weeks, and I am having SO much fun!  I made Christmas cards for the lovely ladies (my boss Beth and our admin. asst., Kim) in my department at work this evening.

Sadly, I am MUCH too sleepy to elaborate much on what I’ve done this evening, so here are pictures.  Goodnight, folks.

(My boss is REALLY into running.  Check out her VERY inspiring running BLOG).


Am I Too Old For Piano Lessons?

There are too many things that I regret not doing or following through with when I was growing up and/or in college.  I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want to keep looking back at the “shouldda, couldda, wouldda’s” anymore.

For example, I wish I had been able to go on a road trip with my best friends in college.  Sure, I got to go to Orlando with AdFed, but that was for school research.  I’m talking about a just for the heck of it drive to wherever for whatever reason just because we WANT to go, not because we SHOULD.  Today, all of my best friends and I are too busy to even think to do such a thing.  Who knows if we’d be able to sync vacation times in order to even attempt that now.  They’re all pretty much married now, and I’m sure the babies will start popping out pretty soon for some of them.   That road trip ship has sailed, at least maybe until retirement.  =P

Perhaps the biggest thing I  regret with every fiber of my being is quitting piano lessons.  I think I was enrolled for only about 6 months before I stopped going when I was about 8 years old.  I just don’t think I was mature enough at the time to fully appreciate the privilege that I was given.  I got bored with it because all my cousins were playing outside having fun when I had to practice.  Also, my lessons were in Beaumont, so it was very inconvenient for my parents to hurry from work in Beaumont, pick me up from school in Fannett and then rush me back to Beaumont to lessons.  I’m thankful for their attempt to make that kind of sacrifice for me, but I just wish we all could have encouraged each other to stick to it.

I have always been pretty musically inclined, thanks to my parents and other family members, but I consider myself mediocre at best when it comes to my abilities as a musician.  My singing skills are just so-so considering what I’ve been given to work with (I can hear and sing simple harmonies pretty easily and maintain the pitch pretty well, but my breath support is worthless).  I can play the guitar, but I don’t know nearly as much about the instrument and the scales on it as I should.  I typically hear a song I want to learn, find the chords on the Internet, and then learn it.  I’m sure I could do so much more if I actually sat down and tried to better understand placement of notes and chords on the guitar.

It’s been YEARS since I’ve really read music.  At least 8, almost 9 years to be exact.  We cheat at church most of the time by just having the letter names of the chords on top of the lyrics we sing because my dad nor Nick’s Uncle Steve can read notes AT ALL.

I really and truly want to take up piano again, but there’s this fear within me that’s holding me back.  I just come up with all these silly excuses:  Not enough time, too expensive, I won’t be able to learn as quickly…etc.  So honestly, the only thing that’s really stopping me is ME.  I want to turn the regrets into accomplishments.

Cold Meds Make Letters All Swimmy

So this entry and my previous entry have been tainted with sickness.  I noticed that in my previous post, I didn’t even bother to segue into the whole visual design reviewer thing.  I apologize for my lack of smooth transitions in my posts that I write whilst having this stupid cold.  Bleh.

I took some Tylenol Cold yesterday at work thinking that it was the “Daytime” kind, but I may have been wrong about that one.  I was SO out of it the whole day, but I was able to come up with some fun typographical designs for a flyer I made at work:

I had fun making that, even though I got dizzy with all the leading and kerning I had to do with this.  I want to really study more about typography and use it in a more sophisticated way.  I think I’m just “OK” at it right now, but there is still SO much I want and need to learn about using it as design.

Going back to the visual design review, the new graphic design professor at Lamar University, Crispin Prebys, is allowing me to sit in on his classes next semester to help with critiques and check out his lectures.  We got to talk more about it after the presentations were done, and I am EXTREMELY excited to finally get to learn from someone who actually HAS  a graphic design background.  Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what he has in store.  He’ll be teaching Visual Design I and he’ll also be helping AdFed with their plans book and NSAC Campaign.  Those who have known me since I attended Lamar know good and well that I was a major participant in the NSAC 3 years in a row.  I’m SO delighted to know that the graphic design department is FINALLY helping the Communication students with this competition, especially after I had to do it 3 years in a row with only one or two other people who REALLY helped me with the layout of the 32-page book.  I look forward to seeing what the students come up with next semester.

Can’t breathe. Can’t sleep. Can create.

It seems that I have sadly inherited Nick’s cold despite his pretty heroic attempts to prevent me from getting it.  Germs have their own agenda, despite how OCD germophobic and pre-cautious we are with the hand washing, hand sanitizing, using tissues to open doors, and the like.

Since my left nostril is more clogged than what I imagine of Paula Dean’s arteries,  I cannot breathe; and therefore, I cannot sleep.  So instead, I have made a Christmas card for my cousin Richie.  We’ve been shooting photos with her lil’ baby Taylor since October because she wants to make a photo calendar of Taylor in different “seasonal” outfits.  Cute idea, but lots of work!  Especially when we’re dealing with a sometimes uncooperative toddler.  I have a newfound respect for professional photographers — photographing children is EXHAUSTING and DIFFICULT!  But it’s totally worth it if you get some great shots.

Tiny tot with her eyes all a glow
Did I enjoy making this?  Oh yes.  How couldn’t I?  Just look at that face.  And babies usually creep me out most of the time.  Well, they don’t really creep me out, but they intimidate me.

Anyway, I got to be a reviewer at the Visual Design Presentation at Lamar this evening with Nick and a couple of other friends of mine.  It was pretty last minute when we got asked, but I enjoy that kind of stuff.  I am thankful to say that there were quite a few students who really know what they’re doing and have lots of potential to do great in the graphic design industry.  And then there are others who…well, don’t.  I hate to be so “mean” about things like that, but seriously — you either have it, or you don’t.

Methinks I shall try this whole sleep thing again.  Here’s hoping I don’t feel like complete crap when I wake up in the morning.  I don’t want to use any of my sick days yet.

Christmas with a (Hole)Punch

I finally started my Christmas present creating this weekend.  I’ve been getting lots of great ideas from Paper-Source, and Krystal gave me the hole punches we used for her wedding back in April as Christmas presents!  Let’s just say I used the CRAP out of them this weekend…

Better to spend time than money!

First trial run = buy glue sticks(Sorry it’s blurry & dark – I used my phone)


So yeah, my desk is going to be a littered mess for the next few weeks…

…but I figure it’ll be worth the money saved on wrapping paper, and time well spent on trying to further develop my desires to craft like a madwoman.  I’ll either be crazy by the time Christmas comes, or I’ll have lots of lovely envelopes of photos & photo discs to give out to my loved ones.  Yay.

In the End, It’s All Fruit.

1978:  Apple Corps sues Apple, Inc.

1986:  Apple Corps sues Apple, Inc. again.

1991:  Apple Corps sues Apple Inc. another time.

2003:  Apple Corps…well, you get it.

2010:  Peace between the Apples.  Delicious.


It's about bloody time!

I know I  have most (if not all) of their music already, but I can’t help but be ecstatic about my favorite band ever getting the chance to be even MORE accessible to the public.  The Beatles are hands down my favorite band of all time.  Queen comes really, really, really, really close, but their later albums/music bring them down a notch for me.  (Sorry, Freddie.  I still love you…lol).

The Beatles’ music is simply timeless.  I truly cannot see much of the music from today lasting or being as memorable as practically everything the Beatles made..whether the songs were covers or originals.  I love them.

Christmastime is (almost) here

As I’ve said in some of my previous posts, I’m trying to save money this holiday season, so I have been taking photos of family as presents.  I made some time last night to start on Cici & Nick’s Christmas card (which Cici has asked me to make over the past couple of years).  I’ve never really been happy with the designs I’ve done for them in the past since they were all done in a rush, but I think I’ve finally made something that I can be more proud of for them.

Merry Happy

Photo Taken in Discovery Green Park - Houston, TX


Since they decided to not take any photos in “Christmassy” clothes, I was worried that their card wouldn’t look festive enough, but then I stumbled upon  I found a LOT of lovely Indie inspired Christmas and holiday cards on that site, so I was inspired to create something with the photos I had of them from the park.  I think it turned out alright, but I’m worried about printing.  I’ll probably have to reconfigure the size of the photo so that the text doesn’t get cut off from the edges, BUT that would completely ruin the composition since I relied heavily on the placement of the lines within the squares and rectangles on the colorful background as design elements.

We shall see.  I hope they like it!