Melanie Lanuza October 2017Mel L Creative is the small business of Melanie Lanuza, a graphic designer and lefty hand lettering artist based, born, and raised in Beaumont, Texas. Melanie earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication with Advertising emphasis in 2006, and her Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design in 2008 from Lamar University. She has worked as a graphic designer in Southeast Texas since 2008.

Melanie has created print and digital projects for a variety of clients from brides to lawyers, doctors, large industrial companies, insurance agencies, nonprofits, local city offices, institutions of higher learning, and much more. In other words, she’s able to adjust!

Her most creative happy place is centered in hand lettering and brush pen calligraphy. She is fueled by creativity, and is constantly inspired by other artists’ processes. When she’s not writing about herself in the third person for her website, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, singing, playing guitar, traveling, biking, visiting museums, and going for long walks to clear her mind.

Here’s hoping we can create something you love together! If you’re interested in working with Melanie, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or visit the CONTACT link for other ways to reach out to her.