A New Tool

So my revived interest in hand lettering has sparked my desire to find more ways to share my work and keep it relevant.

So meet my latest attempt to do so:  My Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet!



So far, this wonderful tool has helped me create this:


Not quite done yet

And this:


What do you get when you’re asked to draw “Madman Rhinoceros?” This.

The smoking rhino drawing was from my weekly sketching group meetings that I have with some friends online. We use a random word generator to choose 2 words and we all take 10 minutes to draw them out in any way we want to practice our drawing  and creativity skills. I highly recommend this process to any creative who wants to stay sharp!

I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’m enjoying every minute of it. It’s almost meditative to try to make the letters correctly. We’ll see what happens next. 

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