It’s Been Too Long

I am in Pearland, Texas on my cousin’s futon blogging in the dark because I’ve finally created something that I’m excited about for the first time in AGES. I’ve made some projects I’m proud of for work, but THIS series is near and dear to my heart.

My cousin Celina and her husband Nick recently had a baby girl named Ena Grace, so naturally, many of my family members are trying to make time to meet their newest little addition. This weekend, Celina’s sister Melissa, and her son/my Godson, Matthew, are in Pearland to spend time with us and the new baby. I’ve always wanted to do extra special things for Matthew since he IS my Godson, but being as busy as I am plus being 400 miles away from him can put a damper on thigs. I took off of work on Thursday and Friday of this week so I could spend an extended period of time with all these lovely people. Naturally, we’ve been stuck at the house, for the most part, since Ena is too little to be out and about, and we need to keep ourselves entertained.

I stumbled upon some silly photos of people who’ve posed their kids on the ground in different adventure scenes on a design/photography blog several months ago, and I’ve been dying to do something similar ever since.

This is what I came up with…

I am having a RIDICULOUS amount of fun creating these floor adventure scenes with Matthew, and he is, too! I think we’re going to try to make another scene tomorrow, but I will admit that it’s a lot of work, even with a kid as cooperative as Matthew. I wish I had known we were going to do this sooner so I could’ve prepared more props, but I’m enjoying the creative challenge of using what we’ve got instead of pre-planning everything.

I’m glad I get to spend time with my Godson and my new niece and still be creative and helpful all at the same time. It’s good food for the soul. =)

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