Can’t breathe. Can’t sleep. Can create.

It seems that I have sadly inherited Nick’s cold despite his pretty heroic attempts to prevent me from getting it.  Germs have their own agenda, despite how OCD germophobic and pre-cautious we are with the hand washing, hand sanitizing, using tissues to open doors, and the like.

Since my left nostril is more clogged than what I imagine of Paula Dean’s arteries,  I cannot breathe; and therefore, I cannot sleep.  So instead, I have made a Christmas card for my cousin Richie.  We’ve been shooting photos with her lil’ baby Taylor since October because she wants to make a photo calendar of Taylor in different “seasonal” outfits.  Cute idea, but lots of work!  Especially when we’re dealing with a sometimes uncooperative toddler.  I have a newfound respect for professional photographers — photographing children is EXHAUSTING and DIFFICULT!  But it’s totally worth it if you get some great shots.

Tiny tot with her eyes all a glow
Did I enjoy making this?  Oh yes.  How couldn’t I?  Just look at that face.  And babies usually creep me out most of the time.  Well, they don’t really creep me out, but they intimidate me.

Anyway, I got to be a reviewer at the Visual Design Presentation at Lamar this evening with Nick and a couple of other friends of mine.  It was pretty last minute when we got asked, but I enjoy that kind of stuff.  I am thankful to say that there were quite a few students who really know what they’re doing and have lots of potential to do great in the graphic design industry.  And then there are others who…well, don’t.  I hate to be so “mean” about things like that, but seriously — you either have it, or you don’t.

Methinks I shall try this whole sleep thing again.  Here’s hoping I don’t feel like complete crap when I wake up in the morning.  I don’t want to use any of my sick days yet.

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