Christmas with a (Hole)Punch

I finally started my Christmas present creating this weekend.  I’ve been getting lots of great ideas from Paper-Source, and Krystal gave me the hole punches we used for her wedding back in April as Christmas presents!  Let’s just say I used the CRAP out of them this weekend…

Better to spend time than money!

First trial run = buy glue sticks(Sorry it’s blurry & dark – I used my phone)


So yeah, my desk is going to be a littered mess for the next few weeks…

…but I figure it’ll be worth the money saved on wrapping paper, and time well spent on trying to further develop my desires to craft like a madwoman.  I’ll either be crazy by the time Christmas comes, or I’ll have lots of lovely envelopes of photos & photo discs to give out to my loved ones.  Yay.

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