In the End, It’s All Fruit.

1978:  Apple Corps sues Apple, Inc.

1986:  Apple Corps sues Apple, Inc. again.

1991:  Apple Corps sues Apple Inc. another time.

2003:  Apple Corps…well, you get it.

2010:  Peace between the Apples.  Delicious.


It's about bloody time!

I know I  have most (if not all) of their music already, but I can’t help but be ecstatic about my favorite band ever getting the chance to be even MORE accessible to the public.  The Beatles are hands down my favorite band of all time.  Queen comes really, really, really, really close, but their later albums/music bring them down a notch for me.  (Sorry, Freddie.  I still love you…lol).

The Beatles’ music is simply timeless.  I truly cannot see much of the music from today lasting or being as memorable as practically everything the Beatles made..whether the songs were covers or originals.  I love them.

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