I Miss Using My Hands

Like most of us these days, I am so spoiled by the convenience of the computer.  Pretty much 99% of my work is made in Photoshop or InDesign or Illustrator, or a combination of all 3, but it’s been a LONG time until I’ve made anything by hand.  At least until this weekend.

I happened to check out my friend Jodi Hebert’s blog from Facebook the other day, and her work really inspired me to want to do more things with different media.

This weekend is Nick and my 4th year “Date-iversary” so I made him a card.  I wish I had thought of the idea sooner because the craftsmanship on it isn’t all that great, BUT I did like how my silly little drawings of a puppy, bunny and bear holding an umbrella turned out.

Happy 4 Year Date-iversary!

I enjoyed making it, and I want to get back into drawing and collage again soon.  Here’s hoping I can make some time to do so.

Cheers to being inspired and for gaining an extra hour of sleep.

Fall back!

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