A New Obsession

I went to Houston this weekend to visit my cousin Celina so that I could photograph her and her husband Nick as their Christmas gift.  (Like I wrote in my previous post, I am short on funds for Christmas this year, so I’m photographing some friends & fam for presents this year).  We went to Discovery Green Park and snapped a few.

While in Houston, Celina insisted that we visit this store called Paper Source (which was conveniently located next to Sprinkles Cupcakes, so THAT was just dandy).

So we walked in, and I literally gasped for air due to the the sheer AWESOME that was before me in this store.  Apparently they’ve been around for a while, since 1983, but since I live out in Hicktown, USA, I had never even heard of it until this weekend.  I’ve always dreamed of making invitations for a living.  Perhaps I have found a new hobby that could eventually blossom into a new passion?  I’ve become obsessed with wanting to learn how to emboss both with powders and with paper presses.  I’m hoping that I can convince my friend Amy to do that with her wedding invitations!  It’s things like this that get me going. ..

I can’t wait to buy some stuff to try embossing!  I just hope I can pace myself in what I buy.   Sadly, a lot of the stuff at Paper Source was expensive, but at least I got inspired!  I’ve found a lot of stuff that they had for cheaper on amazon.com and I plan to check out Hobby Lobby too.  I did end up buying a couple of presents for Nick and my upcoming 4 year Date-iversary from Paper Source, though.   I’m hoping to attend a workshop or two one weekend in the future so that I can learn a lot more about doing more hands on work like this.

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