Work with Some Pick Me Up

As I was perusing the Facebook news wall like I usually obsessively do during little breaks at work, I stumbled across a post that my friend Byron put out there to share.

The link above  link leads to one of the blogs of a New York based photographer named  Jason Lee.   WOW…what a breath of fresh air!  See, I’m at the age when weddings and babies are freaking everywhere…so I am becoming just slightly bored with a lot of the photography that’s out there these days.  It’s all the same…beautiful adorable babies with big eyes in a cute outfit on a cute background is groovy and all, but THIS guy took it up a notch.  He went the extra creative mile to think LIKE his children and WITH his children to create some very refreshingly unique and hilarious photos.

He’s inspired me for my next project.  Since my financial cushion is a little less plush this year for the holidays thanks to my lovely new car and my lovely new camera and the lovely Orlando vacation I took over the summer, I’m giving away my time and talents this year as presents to my loved ones.  I was planning to do this anyway even before I saw Mr. Lee’s blog, but he’s given me some cool ideas too.   My first guinea pigs/victims/subjects will be photographed this weekend, so this should be an interestingly fun time.

We’ll see what happens!

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