Baby, It’s Cold Inside.

It’s been too long.  Sorry.

It’s surprisingly cold here in Southeast Texas.  It’s literally only 26º outside!  Isn’t that something?  Funny how it’s cold outside because it feels cold inside too.

I don’t mean in the buildings I have to be in all day (well, maybe except for my cubicle at work when someone leaves the door to the storage closet open because they have to keep that room cold since all of our servers are in there).  For the most part, I’m talking about inside my brain.  It’s just cold — nothing’s growing, nothing’s flowing, flourishing or forming.

Hopefully this will go away sooner than when spring comes.  If my creative juices are flowing with the seasons, that’s no bueno.  It’s been a long winter, and as much as I adore cute coats, scarves and snuggling when it’s cold outside,  I can’t afford for the winter to continue inside.  Speaking figuratively is starting to lose its charm in this post.  No more (for now).  ha

But yeah, I haven’t been feeling very creative lately.  I’m kind of in this dry burnt out spell.  Honestly, I could REALLY use a vacation, but I don’t have enough PTO left to go anywhere too fun.  I stupidly used one of my PTO days for my interview in Houston (see previous post) because I was a little too over-excited about finally having that privilege, and I figured the outcome would have been different.  Just so ya know, I declined the offer.  I didn’t think the position was worth uprooting my entire life for at that time…

I’m hoping that the following will help me “get my mojo back” soon:

  1. working on my website
  2. therapy…yes, I too am going loco.
  3. arts & crafts projects for Krystal & Ross’s upcoming nuptials
  4. more trips to the gym
  5. hugs from Nick (those usually solve most things anyway)

A little research on the side has been helping me a bit too.  I used to frequently visit a lot when I needed inspiration.  I believe I discovered this site thanks to one of my former art professors, Prince Thomas.  I’m fairly certain that I’m in need of an evening of perusing other designers’ work to get  that little spark crackling again.  I love this:

If only everyone knew this about designers...

7 Rules about understanding designers

I’ve begun working on my website design again.  I’m actually quite happy with the direction it’s going in now that I’ve stepped away from it for a few months.  My goal is to be done with it by the end of February.  Haha which probably means it’ll be done by the end of March or April.  Blah, I’m terrible.  (I’ll probably discuss my lack of motivation in the therapy…)

Well, that’s all  for now, friends.  Till next time — stay warm.

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