A little scared. Yup.

So I received an message via Facebook from a good friend of mine about a job prospect in Houston last Thursday afternoon.  The job didn’t exactly sound like something I’ve always wanted to do, but I figured – eh, why not?  At least it could get me into Houston, and I could build up a network to get to where I want to be.

I wrote a cover letter that same day, and submitted my resume’, and just a few hours later, I got a call from the owner of the company.  So since she (the owner) called me after hours, I wasn’t able to return her call until the next morning.

I have an interview in Houston on Monday morning for a framing designer position at Sarah Balinskas Fine Framing!  Apparently they are the largest/most well-known framing company in Houston, and their client list is pretty impressive.    I do and don’t have any idea what I’m in for, but if they’ve got good things to offer and I think I’ll enjoy the job, I hope I get it!  If anything, at least it could be good interview practice.

So here is what I’m nervous about…just so it’s out there:

  1. Not having a clue what I’m supposed to do for this job.  I’ve read the job description, but apparently there’s more to it than what I read regarding marketing and web design stuff.
  2. Sounding like an idiot at my interview (I tend to be repetitive and ramble a lot and forget how to be articulate when I’m nervous).
  3. Actually GETTING the job b/c that would mean a huge transition that I’m surprisingly scared about, but I’m super excited about it at the same time.

I’m sure there are more things I’m nervous about, but I’m being distracted the awesomeness that is the Food Network.

We’ll see what happens!

One thought on “A little scared. Yup.

  1. Spanish says:

    You’ll be fine little hobbit. I’m really excited and nervous FOR you, but I’m not worried at all that you’ll be great today.

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