Something to hold

With all the kick ass graphics that exist in RGB land these days, you’d think that we’d be satisfied with them and want to save trees by making EVERYTHING digital. But there’s just something about having a solid object in your hand printed on sexy paper with groovy colors and lovely textures that we (well, at least some of us) can’t resist. I know I am one of those people.

I’ve been dying to learn more about working in print. I’ve only had the opportunity to work mostly in RGB for work since I make web ads all the live long day. I’ve been fortunate enough to be chosen by my great friends Emily & Russ to make their wedding invitations & save the date cards, but we sent them elsewhere to get printed. I want to learn how to print stuff myself on the paper I want to use. I yearn to fully understand what colors work best on what papers, different weights, dot gains, and all that other fun printy terminology.

At the same time, I’m lazy. I like the fact that I don’t have to worry too much about whether the colors I’ve chosen are going to print correctly. Haha — so bad.

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